8.3 Releases


Released 28/03/2023


Release Notes


If you wish to upgrade from 8.0.x / 8.1.x to a more current release, please read the following Upgrade Documentation.



Notifications are now available in SuiteCRM 8, for the following activities:

  • Meetings

  • Calls

Therefore, if you are invited/assigned to one of the above, you will receive the notification and any subsequent reminders. For more information on using the Notification features, please see here.


Subpanel Filters

When viewing Subpanels, you are now able to filter the results to locate the records you are interested in. To enable the Filter option, you need to add it via the 'subpaneldefs.php'. For further information on how to do this, please see here.

Subpanel Filter

Load More

Previously in SuiteCRM 8, to view additional records on Listview, Subpanels and Record Modals you would need to use the paging options.

However, you can now choose to 'Load More' meaning the records all display on the one page, making it easier to scroll up and down the list of records, rather than paging back and forth.

To find out how to switch this on and configure the settings, please see here.

Load More

Styling List

  • Legacy Styling Fixes

    • Document Select Button Styling

    • Dashlet Modal Styling

    • Studio Export Customisation Styling

    • Column Chooser Bottom Button

    • Column Chooser Modal Styling

    • User Management Styling

    • Activity Stream Html Structure Styling

  • Other Styling Changes

    • Record Thread Button Styling


We would love to have your feedback and input to help make SuiteCRM 8 great for everyone.

If you have found an issue you think we should know about, or have a suggestion/feedback, please Submit An Issue.

If you want to get involved and submit a fix, fork the repo and when ready please Submit An PR - More detail for developers can be found here.

Please visit the official website to find the appropriate upgrade package.

To report any security issues please follow our Security Process and send them directly to us via email security@suitecrm.com

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